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Mr. Greg’s love of music started as a young boy

growing up in Ohio where his family would get together and sing around the piano on a regular basis.  During his college years, he played at piano bars earning room and board and college tuition. After moving to San Diego in 1976, he and his wife Cheri had two sons whom he raised in the consistent presence of music. Music and music performance became a very powerful way for the family to connect, as Mr. Greg taught the boys everything he knew and formed a “family band” that would play around San Diego for nearly two decades.


With both of his sons off to college in 2012, he

looked for a way to bring more of the community into his musical world starting what is now known as “The Saturday Sessions”. These once-every other-month, structured, community jam sessions were developed and perfected in order to give musicians at all levels an opportunity to play and sing music in a casual group setting.


Wanting to share the gift of music outside of his family,

Mr. Greg developed the Gift of Music to Troubled Teens program for adolescents in the Vista Hill SAFIR program. Greg would go on to earn the “10 News Leadership Award” for his replication of the program a year later at the San Diego Monarch School. 


Since retiring from a career in healthcare and

medical group management in 2016, Greg has immersed himself even more into his music group/program pursuits. In the last 4 years he has created a sphere of musical influence throughout San Diego that includes: his band the Distractions, teaching guitar, choir, and rock band at the Preuss School UC San Diego, and in 2017, the formation of the MUSIC123, elementary musical education program. 


He currently resides in University City with Cheri, his wife of 45 years. 


I am grateful for the opportunity to share the gift of music with young people who have their whole life ahead of them. If I can enhance lives through music, to me there is no greater purpose.            Please help me do that by referring the program to those educators who may have an interest”.

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